Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Spending January in the Night Garden

Oh dear. A whole month has passed and I have not posted to my blog.

I suppose I could say this is winter and spring will yet come. That is at least seasonally true and I hope creatively too.

Where there was once time to think and write there is now more to do at work and much more to do at home- mainly a little boy who needs entertaining (his Mother would say she does most of the rest !).

Anyway I thought I would give a flavour of my life at present and at least note that I am still alive and well this January evening.

Where I would have once watched serious programmes like Newsnight and Panorama, my television watching is more varied now. The same could be said for my reading but I cannot show that here.

Below is a clip from "In the Night Garden", which has become regular viewing in our household this January :

Hopefully, back soon with some other thoughts from London.....

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