Monday, August 06, 2007

Life's a beach

Guess where has a wide empty sandy beach, warm(ish) water and an air temperature of 30 C (86 F) ?

The answer for this weekend at least was Kent and along the coast at Greatstone the beach did not need to be shared with too many people.

I guess that's what Mr. Gore and co would class as a "low carbon" holiday (while of course he remains free to travel the globe.)

Still Mr. Gore I can give you some comfort. With a new baby boy we are unlikely to be venturing too far too more so will be visiting the Kentish costa a bit more for a while.

I think it's nice to find out that you don't actually need to travel the world to have a nice time. You can call that "low carbon" or just common sense- less time travelling, more time on the beach.

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