Friday, November 07, 2008

Of Mutts and Living Presidents

This is the great hope of the world (according to the media at least).

Sometimes you just couldn't make it up :-)


Anonymous said...

Eleven consecutive Obama themed posts??? Is there nothing remotely UK based out there to comment on or is this turning into a purely political blog now?



Luis said...

Saffron. I can honestly say that I had not realised that I had posted 11 consecutive Obama themed posts. So, thanks for the written "slap round the face" :-)

That said I have found the US election a fascinating subject. Due to the long standing ties between the US and UK, I do see this as quite a relevant area of topic, albeit maybe not at such levels !!

I don't know if you are in the UK yourself but if you were you would have seen that our print and broadcast media have given blanket coverage to the US election. The BBC programme on election night was arguably just as intense as that which would occur in a British General Election. So maybe this says something deeper about the British identification with the US (or lack of confidence in its own identity ?). 51st state and all that ?

Anyway in answer to your question, yes there are UK topics to comment on and I intend to do so soon !

Thanks for your comment and happy that my "excessive" Obama coverage provoked you to respond !