Friday, June 13, 2008

Hurray for Ireland !

At last, out of the seemingly endless desert of dispiriting news stories, we arrive in a rare oasis where something in the wider world brings us cheer.

The people of Ireland, the only country in the EU to offer its people a free vote on the Lisbon Treaty have clearly rejected it in the referendum result that was announced today.

Where Denmark, France and Holland have gone before (to name just three) Ireland has followed today and shown that the ordinary people in European countries stand against their leaders who seem broadly wedded to the concept of "ever closer Union" in the EU.

This vote is not about leaving the EU which has offered Ireland especially many benefits. It is however about calling a halt to the march towards an ever more united Europe. Free trade, ease of travel and greater understanding have brought Europe much. However endless interference in national issues, continued corruption in Brussels and Strasbourg and a incredibly conceited attitude amongst most European leaders have united the people of Europe against many aspects of the EU.

The people of Ireland were given what the people of Britain should have been given: a chance to express their views. The way the people of Ireland have voted puts them in the debt of all those who have concerns about the ever growing power of the EU.

Thank you Ireland ! Now all that needs to happen if for Gordon Brown to recognise that the Treaty of Lisbon is dead.

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