Thursday, January 26, 2006

UK Theme

BBC Radio 4's controller is proposing to axe the daily UK theme at 5.30 am when Radio 4 switches from World Service output to Radio 4's daily schedule.The news has been greeted with outrage by many Radio 4 listeners. The UK theme is a collection of national tunes from all parts of the UK and Ireland. It is an uplifting piece of music for those who must get up at that time for whatever reason.

The decision to replace it with just a news bulletin is completely unnecessary. News is covered amply on radio 4 as it is with 3 solid hours of new starting at 6am.

The decision undermines the character of Radio 4 and smacks of embarrassment at being British by the controller. The irony being that the composer of this was originally Austrian. The theme has been used for 33 years yet for some reason must now be replaced with a dull bulletin of news.
Polls appear to suggest that the great majority of listeners want the theme to stay. Will the BBC listen to its listeners? Time will tell…………….

Sign the online petition if you can

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